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Many trainers love to workout and help others, but quickly get stuck. Then other move forward and get ran down by countless hours in gyms. Now that you know how to help others, learn how to help them from a distance in less time. 
Step two is how to continuously drive more people into your business to keep growing for a bigger case. 

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  • Put Marketing, Sales, Transformation system in Place  to make Life Easy again

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About John

John has been a personal trainer and nutritionist for over 14 years. Teaching people how to eat the foods they love without sabotaging results, and training in a way that work for them their life that they enjoy. 

In 2012 John left a strong personal training business and all his clients in Atlanta to move to San Francisco. He rebuilt his personal training company in 3 months to the point where he wasn't able to take new clients at many time. 

In 2014 there was a personal struggle where he was left to take care of his older daughter by himself. Having zero family in the area he was forced to learn to make it work without the ability of working early or late as he had to be home. 

This was what made going online and building a team a must to survive or leave fitness al together. Every year Fast Pace Personal Training inc. has more than doubled in size (employees, clients, and revenue) (

Since 2016 John has been working more with his team than clients to show them how to most effectively push clients to get results. Pushing marketing and sales to new levels and realizing the most important part of personal training. Which is the connection created between people, and what the trainer can get the client to do when they are not together. Majority of clients with zero in person sessions had more results than clients with in person component.

Now John is helping other in personal trainers become great online fitness coaches. Helping them model Fast Pace Personal Trainings offers mainly online fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Then pushing people to execute the best program for them.

The first step putting a program together that makes everything work for the individual. Then adapt all the materials to the persons life. That's when it becomes a way of life not a program.
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